Sunday, May 29, 2005

B1TCH GODDESSES of Manchester

(Why the 1 in B*tch? MSN spaces was too prudish to allow posting of the correct spelling, so I had to resort to v1agra1sms to proceed...)

Saturday evening

During the final month of the local Queer Up North festival, Stuart has been piano accompanist for a cabaret program B1tch Goddesses in the basement of Taurus on Canal St in Manchester. The show combines Bollywood campery (Jonathan Mayor) with the provocations of Her Dark Majesty Rosie Lugosi, the Lesbian Vampire Queen (The Guardian: "A dominatrix whose hair makes her look like an unravelled Muppet"). A very funny show with perhaps the most unusual version of Rossini's cat duet ever.

Afterwards we were joined by friends of Stuart from Australia and the UK for dinner at Malmaison brasserie. I was unfortunately still under the grip of severe jet lag, having been awake for 19 hours by the time dessert arrived so was not the most scintillating of dinner companions.

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