Friday, May 27, 2005

May evening at The Casbar

So it turns out that today is the hottest May day on record for the UK in 60 years - perfect for importing a malamute. Jonnie and I took Bondi for a turn around Clapham Common, where the inevitable "is it a wolf/donkey/horse/sad reflection of my general knowledge" questions began. Bondi jumped into one of the awful ponds to cool off and emerged blackened with sludge.

We wandered up the High St to The Casbar for a drink or nine, next door to the UK Socialist Party HQ. I bought a bucket at a 2-bob shop for Bondi to drink from before he passed out in front of the SPHQ doorway. We were joined by the very entertaining Owen and Fiona (complete strangers to us) for a lot of memorable least I hope they remember it because I can only remember the staggering home bit.

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  1. Anonymous7:06 am

    this is the late acey amapola tompkins, who accompanied me on an epic cross-country drive landing here in albuquerque.

    i love this whole idea, and i'm starting to read at the beginning.