Sunday, May 29, 2005

They call it Knutsford, oh Knutsford

After a substantial sleep and easy morning, Stuart and I took Bondi for a drive down the M6 to Knutsford where Stuart begins a new job on Tuesday. The grounds of his office remind me of one of the New Avengers episodes where spy training is carried out, with Joanna Lumley wannabees rolling around in black lycra pointing pistols and pouting at enemy agents. O tempora o mores.

The Knutsford township looks to be very prosperous, and we had a little wander around the streets, but spent most of our time lunching and walking the grounds of Tatton Park estate. The main effort for the day was concentrated on convincing Bondi to get over a stile between two paddocks. Failing in my arguments, I half-lifted his 72.8kg over the fence.

It wasn't till later we got home that I discovered that we had not been far from the radio telescope at Jodrell Bank - the first of its kind. This facility was set up by Bernard Lovell 50yrs ago. I had the chance to meet (Sir) Bernard at a physics lecture during my undergraduate days at the University of Sydney, and IIRC had him autograph one of my books on cosmology.

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