Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Wigan out

Slow day today. Drove into Wigan town centre to organise a UK SIMM card for my phone. Wandered around shops while waiting for the O2 centre to open and sampled the local versions of Scalding Bitter Brown Muck Priced As If 'Twere A Latte. Dumped the first one I had after two sips and went to another "Coffee House" which apparently had the extra ingredient of Even Hotter Than The Last and so that got despatched to the bin even faster. Still awaiting my first acceptable UK espresso. Picked up some brochures at the local tourist office, including a guide to walking the West Highland Way.

Next stop is the legendary, nay mythical, nay mostly-closed for 2yrs of redevelopment Wigan Pier wot Orwell wrote about all those years ago. Come back in 2007. It's worth noting that the "pier" is not a conventional boardwalk jutting out over a large body of water, but a loading point on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, which is not more than about 15m across, and even narrower at the Pier's lock.

Dropped by the ASDA biodome again to pick up some soylent green and thence back to Stuart's parents' place to do some web research. First item: figure out how to top up my cellcard without a UK billing address; second: locate a local vet to prepare Bondi's EU Pet Passport.

Confirmed that my SIMM card account cannot be topped up using a credit card as 02 aka Oxygen requires a UK billing address with the card. This appears to be more like over-zealous form creation on their computer system rather than a financial necessity, but you'd never get a corporation to admit that. Nonetheless it means that when I'm roaming outside UK in Ireland or Europe, I have to have someone in the UK who can walk into a supermarket on my behalf and top the card account manually. Very unnecessary in this era.

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