Saturday, June 25, 2005

Edinburgh Day 2

Gorgeous weather today for more traipsing around Edinburgh Old and New Towns. Lunch in the Grass Market and nap in the afternoon. Locals are making the most of the weather, eating outdoors, lying around in parks and meadows. Bondi inspected the grave of famous terrier Greyfriars Bobby, who remained by his master's grave for 14 years.

Thought I passed the new Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston on Market Street, but I heard on the radio the next day that he's actually been spotted at the Glastonbury Festival. However, not many minutes later, I did pass a pram-pushing Dylan "Black Books" Moran.

I'd like to spend much more time here. The buildings seem to be an organic part of the landscape, crumbling castles seem as right as tors on the hillsides. Cafes, music and book stores dress every street, and the original livery of older buildings has not been replaced by corporate neon as it has in other cities.

I had a chance to play piano at B&B during the evening while my hosts were out. It's a month today since I left Australia, and the first time to exercise my fingers on a keyboard. Also watched Richard Curtis' Make Poverty History-inspired telemovie The Girl in the Cafe.

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