Monday, June 20, 2005

Great Glen Way Day 6: Drumnadrochit to Inverness

Leaving Drumnadrochit, we walk past the little plesiosaurus statue at a pond next to the Nessie 2000 exhibition. A busload of tourists is being disgorged into the grounds, and some Australians appear startled at Bondi's presence by the pool. I explain that due to a lack of real monsters in the area, it's strictly BYO.

Changed from boots to my trainers for today's walk, which made a difference for the first 10 miles, but the pain in my left shin unremitting. The first glimpse of Inverness from a hilltop was inspiring, but we still had a couples of miles to get into the city. When we hit the Caledonian Canal again on our way, Bondi immediately threw himself in to drink and cool off. I can actually envisage thirsty malamutes as an alternate lock mechanism to the hydraulic systems in place today.

We got to Inverness Castle at around 3.15 to the final half-bitten ice-cream rock; through ourselves on ground. Bondi is understandably hard to budge for a half hour; we're both thoroughly knackered.

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