Monday, June 06, 2005

A Hard Disk Too Far

Spent most of the day online hunting for a replacement HDD for my PC. It seems that UK companies won't take orders from credit-cards without UK addresses, and laptop drives of the right specification are not easily found over the counter... Finally found what I hope is an acceptable replacement from Amazon UK, who don't have qualms about sending orders wherever I direct them.

Took Bondi for a walk in the local Mill Dam (or "Elnup") Wood at lunchtime, not far from the house. Bondi ran around like crazy through the greenery and into the stream. It's probably the closest thing to Seattle woodlands he's encountered since leaving. A local resident, also walking his dog, gave me some history of the woods which apparently were coal pits until about 40years ago, although the only signs I saw are some older steps. An old mill used to be in these woods although little trace remains. I also learnt there is a connection between local Standish and Miles Standish, military commander of the Pilgrim Fathers. The Standish family has been in the area since c1200.

I also progressed in plans for a long distance walk in Scotland this month. I had wanted to do the West Highland Way, but accommodation and transport options are not dog-friendly, so I'm trying for the Great Glen Way, which starts at Fort William where the WHW ends, and goes on via Loch Ness Inverness, thus crossing the neck of Scotland.

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