Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tales of the Riverbank - Haigh fever

The sun shone in many ways today. Thanks to the ladies at Easyways accommodation booking service, I'm now slotted in to walk the Great Glen Way beginning next Tuesday. We'll drive up to Glasgow on Monday (3 hrs from here as the virtual crow flies) and go on to Fort William the next day. As there is no dog-friendly transport option from Inverness back to Fort William, I'm toying with leaving the car in Glasgow and using the dog-friendly train to get to Fort William and from Inverness. On the other hand, it would be nice to scout around the Inverness area while I'm there with car. I'll look at the options and decide in the next few days.

Drove back up to Haigh Hall with a picnic lunch. Walked down into the woods and sat next to a canal path through the afternoon with Bondi, while ducks, swans, barges and cyclists gently entertained us. When I got home a nice big box from Amazon awaited!

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