Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Canal walk to Camden

I was making plans to visit the Norwich area of East Anglia, so I could see the Norfolk Broads and other regional attractions, then discovered that a visiting evangelist was bringing in 20,000 of the faithful and had soaked up all accommodation in the region... Since I'm heading north, I've decided on Birmingham which is the biggest city in the UK that I've not visited, so reason enough.

Walked with Bondi via Islington and Pentonville Road to Kings Cross station, and thence to the Grand Union Canal. We walked down to the canal path and I thought it would be a good place to let him off leash. I did so, turned around to look back up the canal...and..SPLASH! Bondi decided on a swim - unusually without any thought as to how he was going to get out of the water again. So after a couple of minutes, I had the job of hauling out 70kg of dog, and all the water he had sponged up.

It was a pleasant enough walk west via some locks to Camden Lock for a squiz at Camden High Street and the built-area around the Lock. I tried to hide in a corner of a cafe, but still had throngs of Bondi admirers. I nearly lost my temper after going through several rounds of the all too common Q&A:

man in street: What breed is he?

me: An Alaskan Malamute

m-i-s: where are they from?

me: Alaska

m-i-s: so he's a Pyrenean Mountain Dog

me: no, he's a Malamute

m-i-s: so that's a German Shepherd

me: no, he's a Malamute

m-i-s: what's that?

me : a dog like what you see in front of you

m-i-s: is that a wolf?

me: no it's a dog, that's why I said he's a dog


No I'm not making it up, and it happens several times a day. Very often it will involve m-i-s and partner who completely ignore answers to their confrere's questions.

My favourite Q&A occurred a few times when I also had Bondi's brother Dougal

Green Lake lady: what are they?

me: they're malamutes; brothers in fact

GLL: are they boys or girls?

me: they are boy brothers

GLL (unfazed): are they the same breed?

me: no, in the same way that your sister might be a parrot, they are completely different animals, which explains their amazing similarity.

GLL: oh dear, I am asking silly questions aren't I?

me: yes, you ARE the weakest link, goodbye.

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  1. Anonymous1:39 pm

    saint acey dives into the acequia HER first second offleash here in ABQ. great fuzzy minds think alike.