Monday, July 11, 2005

Car limbo

Several longish conversations with the Ipswich-based shipping company that's bringing my car in, and with HM Customs & Excise (HMRC). The DVLA advised one course of action, and then an email from HMRC advised an oral relief procedure. The shipping agents thought that procedure was wrong and told me to contact HMRC again, who after lengthy consideration advised another course.
So the ship is arriving tomorrow and for now i can only email a sheaf of documents to Ipswich and wait for them to beckon me thither with vast sums of money.
On a brighter note, two very strong coffees and a bout of successful name matches kept me up till nearly 4am researching my Scottish ancestry on the net. I think I've pushed back into the C18th and may have found links to Australian rellies. It looks like one of my great-great grandmother's sisters (ie Beatrice's aunt) may have moved to Australia too.

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