Monday, July 18, 2005

Da car boss! da car!

Drove up the A12 to Ipswich to drop off my rental car and collect my Australian car from the shipping company. I'd neglected to bring the car rental company's depot address, but through a miracle of intuitive navigation, sailed through about 7 sets of roundabouts and landed next to the depot on the other side of Ipswich. A brief taxi ride later and I was at the warehouse of the shipping company. Paid my port costs (about GBP400) and drove off.

I stopped before the A12 to get some petrol and boost the air in the tyres. At the Tesco petrol station, i discovered that their pump does not accept non-UK credit cards, and then when I tried to drive off, the car wouldn't start. I called the RAC from the station office (free service to breakdowns on their site) and was back on the road 45 minutes later. As the battery had gone dead, I also had a small issue with the car stereo/radio needing a special code to re-enable it Luckily I had that paperwork under the seat and didn't have to endure a silent drive back to London.

Now I have to go through the regsitration and insurance dance..

Finished HP6 last night. Speculative spoiler: Harry's scar is final horcrux,which explains Harry's empathy with Voldemort: some of V's soul is attached to Harry.
Checking information on travelling to Spain. Australia's embassy in Madrid says: " If you wish to extend your 3-month tourist visa you should contact the Spanish Ministry of the Interior on their telephone number (toll free in Spain): 900 150000. They will advise you of your nearest Immigration Office in Spain. Please note they only speak Spanish on this telephone number. Also, please note Spanish Immigration authorities rarely extend 3-month tourist visas whilst in Spain. "

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