Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I had a semi-productive morning at the Wigan Renault dealer getting some parts & repairs for the car. I was momentarily elated when I was told that Renault UK could offer me a Certificate of Conformance for my car to show it could be registered in the UK. However, speaking to Renault UK directly I was told this could only be done for vehicle manufactured for the EU, and specifically not for vehicles sent to Japan, Australia and NZ ... even though these are the only other Renaults that are right-hand drive like the UK. I'm actually wondering if this is to protect themselves against reverse importation rather than for any technical reason. Vehicle prices are very high in the UK so Brits may save a bundle by personally importing (left-hand drive) vehicles from continental EU countries or even Ireland. Anyway, I was left with having to file for a road test - £150 thank you very much, and an additional £10 to send it as a postal order!! I'm coming to the conclusion that companies are more and more trying to make money by charging you for the privilege of actually spending money.

That done, Bondi and I wandered off to Liverpool for a re-inspection. Not much to report there: the city is in enormous building upheaval - the Big Dig - to regenerate the area ahead of its tenure as European City of Culture.

First there was Elizabeth Taylor's White Trashhusband oops Diamonds, and now there's Alan Cummings' new fragrance for the man in your life:

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