Friday, July 29, 2005

London jaunt

Drove down to London last night so I'd have have opportunity to catch up with friends passing through London today. Strolled through Regents Park for the first time, with Bondi appreciating the ooportunity to gambol in a large open space. Picked up some odds and ends I'd left in Highbury earlier in the month and dropped them off in a storage facility near the A1 in North London.

I'd booked 2 nights at a Days Inn at "South Mimms" which is really just a services centre at the intersection of the A1 and the M25 ring road. Went through the usual rigmarole of trying to buy internet wireless time when BT won't accept non-UK credit cards, even though their registration screen quite explicitly provides a list of dozens of countries to enter your billing address. Ridiculous.

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