Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Seismologists come off erupting vein alert status

I have no idea what the weather was like today, having spent nearly 9 hrs on the phone and on the net, trying to get my car insurance sorted. As of about 2hrs ago, I now have the insurance sorted, and can take more lesiurely steps toward getting the car registered.

Stuart and I went to see Spielberg's rendering of War of the Worlds last night. It was pretty dissatisfying all up, with HG Wells' story being not much more than a clothes-line to string up Tom Cruise moving his family from New York to Boston to avoid death-rays. The plot alterations, setting the story today, and having long-buried alien tripods undermined the credibility of the story in so many ways. Most of the explorations of moral issues that Wells developed within TWOTW framework had been excised, or compressed into a few moments of babbling from Tim Robbins' character. Hopefully the CGI-animated version of The War of the Worlds, expanding on Jeff Wayne's musical version, will provide a truer telling.

It's two months now since we landed in the UK. We've covered a lot of miles, although done less long-distance walks than I thought we might have done by now. Still, there's no time-table for any of this and now that the car issue is mostly under control there's less administrivia to deal with. I have Oct/Nov booked now for language school in Spain with elbow room for other continental excursions around that under my 90 day visa restriction.

Homework reading: The Australia Institute reports and linked sites, including The Wellbeing Manifesto and Downshifting Downunder.

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