Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gathurst - Wigan via Leeds-Liverpool Canal

So much for English summers coming and going in one afternoon. It continues to be very warm, and most definitely sunny. In some of my roamings through the area surrounding Wigan I've passed through nearby Gathurst, and always meant to get out and walk through the its surrounding forests.

Today was to be the day. We parked at the Navigator Inn mid morning with the intention of returning there for a pub lunch (there's a big "Good Food" sign on the exterior of the building). We initially walked through some woodland, but quickly came up to the Leeds-Liverpool Canal which we've encountered on earlier jaunts. Walking east we passed a small barge bay off the canal where a score of barges were being repainted, in "British Racing Green" and other suitably high-speed hues.

As it was getting quite warm, and I'd dropped Bondi's water bowl at some point, we turned around at Lower Wigan Road. I found the bowl and rehydrated him. He turned around as if to lie down on some cool grass, and whether by accident or design - slipped backwards into the canal. He seemed very pleased at this and resisted efforts to lure him out. Instead he half-swam, half-walked on his front paws down the canal for about 100m. I'm beginning to think that he has more than an ounce of Dutch Barge Dog (or Keshond) in him. After finally extracting him from the water and scolding him, he followed contritely back to the Inn. There I discovered a small sign inside the "Good Food" pub which said that they no longer served food. So lunch was postponed, but not Bondi's third wash in two weeks.
Off to London tomorrow. Booked a concert at the Proms. It's coals to Newcastle - the NZ Symphony Orchestra, but they're doing the Sibelius 2, which is a fave of mine and I've never heard it live. My first time at Royal Albert Hall and first Proms concert. Wheeee!!!

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