Saturday, August 20, 2005

Haigh Hall, Haigh Hall - it's off to Bolton we go

Even more family tree progress today, tracking both through Australian and Welsh forebears of the 19th century. I think I have about a dozen certificates on order now which will clear up much of the Australian past along my mother's mother's line. I was also contacted by a distant relative with extensive narrative information about my earliest Australian ancestor, Thomas Golledge. Tom was transported in 1790 - after spending a couple of years in hulks - via the notorious vessel Neptune, part of the Second Fleet.

Jenny French writes:

When the Second fleet landed at Port Jackson it must have been a sickening sight. When the officials boarded the three transports they were confronted with the sight of convicts, most near naked, lying where they were chained. Most were emaciated with a lot dead in their chains or very close to death. The majority of the convicts were unable to speak, walk or even get to their feet. All were degraded, covered in their own body waste, dirt and infested with lice- and all exhibited the savage brutality of beatings or floggings as well as the visible signs of the starvation they had endured.

I have also made some progress with my gg-grandmother Hannah, who has posed some difficulties due to her family's movements. I am fairly confident that I have identified her father Samuel (a civil engineer, birthplace unknown), mother Jane (from Cornwall), and 5 younger siblings (I think born in Yspytty-Ystwyth and Aberystwyth). Census records from 1861 however do leave me with some concerns that Samuel had another wife stowed away in a different part of Wales....

Bondi and I returned to the local country park at Haigh Hall, spending some (dry) hours beside a shaded stream. We then went off to visit another large local centre, Bolton, but can't report anything of interest.

Tomorrow we're off to Chester and surrounds again, and staying at the Northwich Floatel., "the only floating hotel in the UK".

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