Monday, August 15, 2005


A few remarks about an unremarkable day. I called the Australian Federal Police last night to make sure I had the correct items on hand to apply for my police clearance certificate. I posted all of that off this morning, along with my DNA samples for haplotype analysis. I hope I didn't mix the envelopes, otherwise I'll be cleared of being a Williams, and indicted for a murder committed before I was born. It actually gives me pause for thought: could DNA evidence from a crime-site be matched against descendants of an accused? You'd probably need a direct line of descent matching the gender. Maybe it could be used to corroborate claims of wrongful conviction (or execution) from the past.

After 5 seconds of googling, it appears that this idea, along with others (the wheel, fire, a large bank account) have been considered before.
While walking through the Wigan town centre today, I was severally accosted by solicitors for personal injury compensation claims, wanting to know if I or my dog had been in an accident recently...almost an invitation to having Bondi eat them, and thereby make a small dent in the number of such parasites at work.
Bondi also had his regular veterinary jab of cartrophen for his arthritic left foreleg. I've managed to reduce his weight by a couple of kilos since the last visit, which will help as well. He gets by quite well on about a 1/2kg of dry food (one pound) plus three chicken wings (preferably frozen) each day. I throw some charcoal-biscuits into the mix to mitigate any gas problems. Try some with brie, and let me know how it tastes!

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