Saturday, August 27, 2005


oken by cow trying to butt its head through my bedroom window.

Ross had to travel into nearby Brecon this morning to have some new tyres fitted. My car-battery had failed last night, so I came in too to get a replacement. While waiting for that to be done, we took the dogs for a long walk along the canal path.

Took Bondi into Hay-on-Wye to have a quick look in a few bookstores. Picked up
  • Humphrey Carpenter's collective bio of literary Angry Young Men: Amis, Colin Wilson et al
  • Beyond Beyond the Fringe - a critical bio of Jonathan Miller, Dudley Moore, Peter Cook and Alan Bennett.
  • Gloriana - Michael Moorcock's fictional homage to Mervyn Peake. I have his critical/bio effort on order. [Still on order in January 2007!]

Stopped in Talgarth on the way back, where the town festival was underway. A cover band was delivering (Show me the way to) Amarillo to a street full of revellers. The town's mayor (or a collector of gold bottle caps?) welcomed Bondi.

Over dinner, Ross mentioned that the previous tenant of this lodge (subdivision within the farm) was writer Jasper Fforde, and that I was sleeping on his office floor.

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