Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Judge's decision is final

Bad day all around here. Bondi sick and heaving. My car was failed by VOSA on two points: window tinting on passenger doors (verboten) and lack of MPH markings on speedometer. The first issue was handled quickly with a razor blade but the second is more complicated/expensive. Basically I can either:
  1. order a new dual-marker dial (£65 + fitting, 4 week wait);
  2. wire-in a converter (£300 + fitting,); or
  3. install a replacement Renault unit (£400 + fitting).

Now if time were not an issue then #1 would be a no-brainer, but I wanted to have the car registered by the beginning of October for the trip to Spain. However the process of getting a dial, retesting the vehicle and waiting for DLVA to register it will take nearly twice the 5 weeks I have.

The other options are to re-register the car in Oz and take it to Spain thus, or leave the car in UK and find alternate transport to Salamanca for Bondi & self.

All suggestions on the back of a postcard please...

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