Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Lavenham Tales

I learnt there had been been a hiccough in my vehicle pre-registration saga: government department #1 (in Wales) needed government department #2 (in Ireland) to reissue a form, adding 2 digits of the vehicle's VIN, and had stopped processing my application until further notice. GD#1 didn't mention this when they called me last week, preferring to drop a hint in the mail to unhurry things. So there wil lbe a delay for me getting car tested with GD#3 (in England), so that I can get my car registered with GD#4 ( somewhere ).

Took some country roads via Clare to Lavenham, which is about 12 miles south of Bury-St-Edmond. Lavenham is "regarded as being the finest surviving example of an English Medieval town" and with its crooked timber-framed buildings has been frequently used for film and television productions, including Pasolini's Canterbury Tales, Vincent Price's Witchfinder General and John Lennon's Apotheosis.

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