Sunday, August 07, 2005


Drove into Norwich just after lunchtime and dropped the car off at the guesthouse, a 10 minute walk from the town centre.
I was pleased to discover that the central precinct had a real character, without looking like it had been stamped out of a franchise mill in Chicago. We circled the town, and Bondi met his first (inflatable) Dalek at the BBC shop.

We checked in properly at the guesthouse, my host taking care to show me how *everything* in the room works: "This is the light-switch and the TV has a DVD player - have you encountered them before? - and the tea is for drinking using these cups. These are decorative plastic bananas..."

We walked back into the town for dinner, and circled around the eating/entertainment area over the River Yare (Pizza Hut and friends), before finding something in the Pottersgate area. I finished off Franken's "Lying Liars" and began "Sixty Million Frenchmen can't Be Wrong", an attempt to decrypt the French world-view.

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