Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Orrel satisfaction

I'll be back on the M6 to London sometime this week, to collect my rear car-seats from storage. These are required so that my French-manufactured Renault can be verified as meeting European standards by the UK government. I hope they are suitably impressed by the comfort levels and don't find the dull grey upholstery too offensive. At least I know why the M6 is such a comfortable ride: 2.5 million pulped Mills and Boon titles.

Took Bondi to visit Orrell Water Park today, where I encountered a couple of Aussies with dog, who were beginning the slow process of moving back down under. In the UK a "water park" embraces parks with lakes (like Orrell's ex-reservoirs) as well as nature reserves and huge amusement complexes with sailing and/or water-rides...or a combination of them all.
Stopped in at BB's Coffee in Wigan for my flat white, and noticed they also sold NZ Ice Cream. I asked if they were Australian/New Zealand influenced, and it turns out that they were indeed launched from Australia. Also, on the subject of coffee franchises and the M6, my coffee vendor of choice is the Cafe Ritazza at the moto highway facilities. [Later retracted. Yuck!]

I'm enjoying the guilty pleasure of watching The Omega Factor on DVD. I watched most of this short-lived BBC series in 1979-80 and had fond memories of it. Although a precursor of shows like X-files, it was never repeated and never appeared on video...maybe because Mary Whitehouse described it as "thoroughly evil". I just happened on it at the BBC store in Norwich and snapped it up.

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