Wednesday, August 31, 2005

When I take you out in my Scenic with the Infringement on top

After a poor night's sleep, woke early to drive to Manchester for my vehicle re-test with VOSA. With only a couple of items to be checked, I was in and out in a half hour with the necessary SVA form in hand. Back to Wigan to fill out a stack of forms for registration, and then drove up the M6 a short way to Preston to visit the DVLA to drop off these forms, making sure they had everything they needed. With any luck, the tax disks will be sent to me within a few days and then I can have some registration plates made up.
More birth/death/marriage certificates arrived in the mail from Australia, showing ancestors from Ireland and the Isle of Wight. I seem to have pretty thorough coverage of the British Isles so far: Ireland, Wales & Scotland, and then within England: London/Middlesex, Shropshire, Somerset, Cornwall, Lancashire, Isle of Wight, Wiltshire.

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