Friday, August 12, 2005

Wigan, mail, family tree

3 hour drive back to Wigan, via the Humber Bridge, but bypassing (Kingston-on-) Hull, which was ranked worst place to live in the UK by a recent Channel 4 lifestyle program. The linked BBC article says: Hull, which has 101 chip shops, was also deemed the fattest town in the UK.

Plenty of mail to process, including:
  • appointment for a "Single Vehicle Approval" test on 23rd August. Will have to pick up my rear car-seats from storage in London prior to that.
  • copy of book The Wise Men of Chelm by Samuel Tennenbaum, a set of tales of the legendary town of fools. The Nobel Prize-winning author Isaac Bashevis Singer also published many tales set in Chelm.
  • DNA testing kit for genealogical analysis by Family Tree DNA.
  • booking sheet for my Spanish lessons, details of my host family, and map of Salamanca
  • pet registration kit for Bondi, should he go missing
  • RAC membership in case of auto-breakdown
  • birth certificates for my ggfather Griffith (b. 29 Sep 1874) and his father Ellis (b. 8 June 1845) which also includes details of his parents Robert & Elizabeth. There is a word Yilingeilwort (as best as I can decipher) on Ellis' certificate - possibly a location or Welsh term meaning born or baptised (in Chelm) ... then Llanaber which is a coastal village very close to Dolgellau.

Went to see the horror thriller The Skeleton Key - not too much on at cinema after 9pm tonight. A promising opening and a good cast were let down by a predictable conclusion and faltering quality of dialog and direction. The story is basically a Southern Gothic spin on H.G. Wells' short story The Story of the Late Mr. Elvesham.
Just got an email from a descendant of Ellis Williams (above) but a number of details don't mesh, so I'm beginning to think the certificate I have is for the wrong which case Robert & Elizabeth are a false lead. Yilingeilwort turns out to be Felin Ceilwart, which I think means Ceilwart Mill, but still a false lead.

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