Friday, September 09, 2005

Blenheim Palace

Slightly lazy morning before leaving, and I had a dip in the pool. Bondi came to inspect. At least he doesn't howl whenever I was fully submerged as his brother Dougal did.

We caught kitchen hours for lunch at the St Martins Arms in Colston Bassett and then headed south-west towards Oxford.

As we couldn't meet our hosts until 7pm, we stopped at Blenheim Palace, just north of Oxford. A gift to an earlier Duke of Marlborough after his success at the Battle of Blenheim, it is also the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. The grounds are magnificent, and this week were hosting some equestrian events.

Stopped for a pint at a thatch-roofed pub in Little Milton before joining David's cousins at their home in Tiddington. I had had some mail waiting for me: my vehicle tax disk (ie circular registration "sticker") and vehicle plate order form! I was over the moon: the last major obstacle to running the car was over.

David and I had a cosy guest "shack" with its beds tucked under the steeply sloping roof. Bondi stayed in the main house, having determined that the family labrador, 12yr old Hector was not going to be an issue. Evening thunder was an issue for Bondi and he hid in the kitchen under any available legs or behind the living room sofa.

Oh and there's a piano! But it looks like I have another broadband router to fix...

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