Thursday, September 29, 2005

Canny canine in Cannes

Final day in Nice / Cote d’Azure.

Bondi was up at 3am coughing up pieces of mastodon bone. Spent the morning on laundry and reconsolidation of luggage. We then drove over to Jane’s apartment to do email and use the clothes drier. I looked for accommodation around Toulouse, but everything suitable and affordable was booked out, so I booked a hotel in Lourdes, another hour onwards toward Spain.

Went down to the Cannes waterfront to sight-see. The beaches there are actually sand, but expect to pay upwards of 10 euro for the privilege of a spot. While the grand hotel Carlton Intercontinental is an imposing sight, I can’t see that Cannes offers more than (say) Manly Corso and surrounding beaches. Paying 3,70 euro for a so-so coffee is also a steep tax (compared to 0,90 – 1,00 euro in Italy). Sent off some more postcards for the internet-deprived and Simone’s real - albeit terribly belated - birthday present ;-).

On the way back through Antibes, we stopped at the pebbly beach for a swim – David skipped that, while I went in and took the opportunity to bathe Bondi, who was getting a bit grey around the gills from city pavements. Wrapped up the evening at an OTT Thai restaurant at Villeneuve: large goldfish swam under the glass floor of the entrance area.
It was quite a relief taking the final drive up to the Les Seoules gîte: even the sense of occasion in passing the spot where Hannibal’s second wave of elephants fell due to excessive nose-bleeds, was not enough to compensate for the twists and turns of that mountain ridge.


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