Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Last day in Hamsterjam

Feeling very lethargic today, in anticipation of two days' driving ahead. Sampled the last few book and music stores in the neighbourhood and came out with Steven Levitt's Freakonomics, a bunch of cheap Hyperion CDs (Howells, Howells, Glinka sextet), Enescu's Piano Suites, a Dutton re-mastering of Beecham recordings from the 30s, and finally a new disc of Fazil Say traversing some of the named Beethoven sonatas. Say has a tremendous gift for making familiar works new and lively, and I'm sure I won't be disappointed with this one. [I was, VERY].

Went back to CoffeeCompany for lunch. Tied Bondi up at an outdoor table while I went in to order a head-slappin' verkeerd ... He, meanwhile, got jiggy with the young ladies at the next table.

Dropped into a sheetmusic specialist that I'd wanted to visit (it was closed until today) but found that they don't allow browsing - you have to know exactly what you want so they can place it on a table for you. Doesn't allow any chance to discover a new piece or arrangement. I explained to the staff that I was looking for something new, but they were jovially indifferent.

Evening meal at an Italian restaurant in Rembrandtsplein where the waitress got jiggy with Bondi. Walked back to the hotel, trying to dodge shoals of bicycles clattering down straats and over grachts like defective shooting stars.

Tonight's reading assignment is a choice:

  • "Atlanta Nights", the worst book ever written; or
  • some thought-provoking essays from Edge - particularly in response to the "Intelligent Design" nonsense going on in schools.

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