Friday, September 02, 2005

To Newmarket, to Newmarket to fight some fat men

4 hrs back to Newmarket as a detour on way to London. Stayed with friend Paul, whose son David was celebrating his 15th birthday with a small party and the hire of a sumo-wrestling mat with padded body suits. Bondi was quite taken by the big blobby suits, but wasn't quite sure when he should intervene to protect one combatant from another.

Checked my old mail account which is about to expire permanently and discovered this little note from the US Naval Reserve, who had read my resume on (posted some two years ago):
Did you know that your particular skills and interest in a career with the government could serve you well in the U.S. Naval Reserve?

As someone who works in the government sector, you know the pride that comes from serving your community, your state or your country. In the Naval Reserve, you can extend your service to include helping to safeguard your country's citizens and protect its shores.
They may have neglected to read those parts of the resume that indicated I had no government sector experience, nor am I a US citizen. I'm also older than the maximum age for entry. I'm not even sure why they need a reserve defence force when US immigration does such a splendid job defending their shores against visiting or working Aussies: on all my recent entries to the US as a sponsored worker or permanent resident, immigration has been so incredibly and unnecessarily unpleasant that I can't see that I would ever want to return, let alone defend that value system.

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