Saturday, September 03, 2005

Notting Hill

Shortish drive into London, first taking my rear car seats and other excess baggage back to my storage locker. As we're to be in London for a few days, I unload the remainder of my luggage at the Days Inn, London Gateway near the base of the M1 motorway.

Early evening, we pile back in the car for a walk around Notting Hill/Paddington. It's pleasantly busy around there and every car on Westbourne Grove slows down to check out Bondi. He seems to be adapting well to new anti-inflammatory medication and is stepping out with more energy than previous weeks. We turn down the Queensway towards Kensington Gardens. As we draw close to Bayswater Road, I can hear a woman repeatedly asking (loudly) "what the hell was that can someone tell me???"

In Kensington Gardens, we pause briefly to watch a mother rodent leading a train of tail-hugging youngsters backward and forward under the bounding hedge. We walk down to Round and then back to Bayswater Road via the Princess Di children's playground. Retracing our path along the Queensway, I stop in Boots chemist for some odds 'n' ends, tying Bondi up at the entrance under the supervision of the store security guard. By the time I had reached the register, a small crowd of evening pedestrians was huddled around you-know-who having posing for photographs.

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