Thursday, September 08, 2005


Debated visiting nearby Belvoir (pronounced "Beaver") Castle which has been the seat of some royal since Norman times. However it pans out the castle was rebuilt after a fire only two hundred years ago, and looks like another big old house with mismatched furniture (Dario Argenta meets Laura Ashley), and a superabundance of family portraiture with a deficit of chinware.

Instead we're Nottingham-bound.

The approach to the city was not promising. After the obligatory Robin Hood statues, we stopped at "Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem" (the oldest inn in England, from 1189), which is partially built into the cliffs under the remains of Nottingham Castle. I'm reminded a bit of the underground dwellings in Coober Pedy.

Walking down a road winding past the Castle, we found ourselves in a very handsome residential area, and followed that up into the Town Centre, via a street known as The Ropewalk. This part of town reminded me of some of Sydney's wealthier Eastern Suburbs. The town centre itself didn't have much of immediate interest, but there was definitely an air of civic pride with urban renewal projects underway.

I caught up with my reading, I'm really enjoying Eileen Gunn's short story collection "Stable Strategies". I'd ordered it from the US based on uniform praise from various reviewers. It turns out that Ms Gunn had been a Microsoft exec early in the company's life. Don't hold it against her, the stories are polished and memorable.

In the evening, we joined Britta and Bob for dinner at a great restaurant in Bottesford.

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