Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Oxford & Henley-on-Thames

Spent an hour or two futzing with the wireless network and router, while being passed from BT tech dept to dept. After three phone queues, and relating the same technical diagnostics to steadily more apologetic staff, I gave up for the day.

We took Bondi into Oxford and headed directly for a known coffee/internet cafe to get wired in every way. I booked a car ferry to Calais on Friday morning and an Amsterdam hotel. I was also able to make contact with a contact from a usenet music list that I had been corresponding with for over a decade. He (Dennis) was collecting all the local list members including some from Belgium to welcome me (and Bondi!) on Saturday.

I left David to work on his Nice connections and prowled around central Oxford. I was disappointed to find that despite the grand old buildings that the area was little different to any other middle-size English city, with the same array of high street mercantile fauna.

To finish the afternoon we made a short journey south to regatta town Henley-on-Thames. Henley is a pleasant little town. I found an early edition of the Mervyn Peake illustrated Alice in Wonderland, and we sat by the river watching the swans and boat traffic.

Another hour on the piano and I felt very satisfied with the day....until I accidentally deleted most of the day's photos from my camera by accident.

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