Saturday, October 22, 2005

Balloons in the plaza

Finally made it to the past preterito tense in class today. I think there´s only about 11 more tenses to go, so your average verb has 14 tenses x 3 persons (1st, 2nd, 3rd) x 2 (singular vs plural). No wonder the Roman Empire spent so long declining: every time someone thought up something new to do, another 84 verb forms arise... However, I gathered from my hosts that many are so awkward to use that in normal speech and writing, you tend to use other ways of expressing such thoughts. After all, there some things up, with which one will not put.
Lunch time conversations with my hosts continue to produce much hilarity. It´s amazing what silliness can be conveyed with broken Spanish and miming across an age range of 15-70.
Bondi was nearly smothered by a group of a dozen British teenaged boys lookin´for somefink to do. ¨Them gels won´t have nuffink to do wif us, so we might as well play wif the dog.¨ Exit stage left. Enter from stage right: a group of teenaged girls attempting to ask me questions in Spanish. I tell them that I´m Australian, provoking squeal from the nearest girl:¨I´m Australian too!¨

¨What´s your dog´s name?¨

Meanwhile, in the nearby Plaza Mayor, some rehearsals are beginning for some Cirque du Soleil-ish musical acrobatic spectacle that I gather is on tomorrow night. Two hot air balloons, decorated with imagery of sun and moon as large human figures, support female trapeze artists. They are drawn around the square, with some hints of the light-show, and sans music.

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