Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Columbus Day

No school today. Sleep, sleep ... and appropriately watched DVD of Ridley Scott's 1492: Conquest of Paradise with my housemate, fellow student Suzanne. I've turned on Dutch subtitles for her. Besides today being the 513th anniversary of Columbus striking land in the Americas (Caribbean islands, not mainland), there are other points of note from my recent travels:
  • Columbus (played by Gerard Depardieu in the film) visited the University of Salamanca
  • Columbus was born in Genoa, where I visited about three weeks ago
  • the first piece of music I heard - on the radio - when disembarking from ferry at Calais, was a track from Vangelis' soundtrack to this film. The theme, from the family of La Folia tunes, was a monster hit in many parts of Europe.
Ventured out for dinner and coffee in Plaza Mayor - very wet today, so the holidaying crowds were mainly huddled around the sheltered edges. Police are now very visible, as the summit approaches. Helicopters patrol the skies, and police dogs on the streets. By tomorrow morning (today, as of time of writing) most cars have been removed from the streets.

Bondi was 7 on Sunday. Where did the time go? He was born about 6 weeks after I moved to Seattle in 1998... mucho water undo the bridge since then. More at

Sent him to the cleaners on Tuesday for a thorough "limpio". qf verb DUCHARSE : to wash your bottom.

Finished reading The Vesuvius Club - very quick and enjoyable read - or "bit of fluff" as the author proclaims. Onto the next club: The Rotters' Club by Jonathan Coe. I see that a new Asterix book has been released: let's hope it's better written than Uderzo's previous solo efforts.

I've been reviewing my Spanish notes - we're starting to get into more difficult territory: grammatical structures that no one learns formally in English-language countries any more. The teacher says this is where such students begin to have real trouble. I think I will need to get an English grammar text too.

Over 4000 page views on the blog now. I'd better start doing something interesting...

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