Thursday, October 06, 2005

School continues

Bloody cold this morning when I walked Bondi.

Classes went fairly smoothly, but it’s difficult boot-strapping yourself into the new language, when you don’t have the skills to question the teacher on an issue or the example text includes vocabulary and grammar that you probably won’t cover for weeks to come. Boot-strapping into conjugation is also interesting after only having had a smattering of English grammar over 3 decades ago (before it was dropped from Australian syllabi) and a smatter-let of Latin grammar in a one term “language exposure” class not long after that. Thank goodness for the Latin-quoting pirates in the Asterix books!

I can now connect my laptop directly into the school network. This makes internet access predictable, albeit limited to when I’m on the premises. I miss being able to use it as an information appliance and look up addresses/resources as I need them.

Wrote out a description of Bondi’s pharmacological requirements and used Babelfish to translate it to Spanish so that I’d have something substantial to show my hosts and vet. After lunch Gonzalez took me to the vet, who passed us onto a nearby veterinary pharmacy and then another before we found anything on my list. Was able to obtain some Metacam (anti-inflammatory), but no one stocks any fungicidal/medicated shampoos or has heard of glucosamine. Despite the large number of dogs around, these city offices seemed to have much more product for sheep and horses than companion animals. At least the Metacam is a start. There was also confusion because one of the trade formulations of liquid (injectable) glucosamine is cartrophen and the anti-inflammatory drug Rimadyl (chewable alternative to liquid Metacam) contains carprophen. Really awkward dealing with language barrier here: even though many of shelf products have English packaging, not a word of spoken English is known.

Looked around the city some more, bumping into fellow students from time to time. Had tapas and red wine with the English ladies, before strolling home to finish my homework.

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