Saturday, November 26, 2005


After Getaria, we returned to the highway so that I could look around Bilbao some more. Unfortunately I suffered a blowout on the freeway, and had to pull over onto the (rather wind- and truck- swept) shoulder. I had jacked up the car when a highway patrol officer stopped to help. He wasn't able to loosen the wheel nuts and drove off to get further assistance. I had a go, and quickly loosened them, replaced the tyre and after waiting a short time for his return, decided it was safer to continue the journey.

By the time we reached Bilbao, it was starting to get quite chilly, so we were left with a quick spin around the city centre. El Corté Ingles was starting to put up seasonal decorations, but Bondi was more interested in fueling is thirst from a fountain near one of Norman Foster´s subway entrances - or "fosteritos", rising like the chrysalis of a giant sandworm from out of the pavement. Posted by Picasa

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