Friday, November 18, 2005

Convidando esta la noche

I heard the last track of the New World Symphonies album last night. I recognised the piece Convidando esta la noche was the music played during the opening of the concert spectacular celebrating the 250th anniversary of the Salamanca Plaza Mayor, which I wrote about earlier. I have about a dozen short video sequences of that event, which appears not to have any televised news coverage, and many more photos than I published in the blog.

It was written by Juan García de Zéspedes (1619-1678), so predates the Plaza by about a century. The album sleeve notes say it "features dance patterns of African origin in the form of the guaracha, a dance still popular in Cuba. The synthesis of the sensuous, homophonic, ‘European’ sections and the exuberant cross-rhythm of the dance verses is particularly effective. " The Choral Wiki has sheet music , and a short sample of another recording, by SAVAE. Posted by Picasa

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  1. The theatre group that delivered this spectacle is La Compagnia di Valerio Festi. URL:


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