Monday, November 21, 2005


The rest of Saturday and Sunday were “outdoors busy”. Walking around Pasajes – we returned on Sunday afternoon, and walked through the Basque pueblo of San Isobel, out to the mouth of the strait (on the Bay of Biscay / Atlantic). Bondi swam in the harbour both days. Shoals of large black fish Saturday afternoon, we walked up Mount Urgull, standing at the eastern side of the entrance to the bay of La Concha in San Sebastian. Sunday morning saw us visiting Hondarribia, on the sea, abutting the French border. We listened to some Czechoslovak buskers for a while, then headed for the lighthouse at Cabo de Higer, which probably marks Spain’s furthest extremity on the Atlantic coast. From there we could look up the French coast to Biarritz and beyond. After lunch, we drove back via a mountain ridge with spectacular views across the valley cradling the easternmost parts of this province, and along the coast in both directions. Near the church at Guadalupe, I was surprised to hear my name being called, and then found that Dadi, my Spanish conversation teacher, had spotted me (or guess who) from the car. A little later, at the lookout from Mount Jaizkibeli (545m, or 130 BHU*s in the old measurements), where cattle and brumbies grazed together, I could see peaks up to 50km away.

Bondi seems to have really enjoyed these two days. Sometimes we run along together, and he turns, looking up at me with a “I’m glad we’re doing this” smile.

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