Thursday, November 17, 2005

La Concha at night

It's still pissing down in San Sebastian. Finished Coe's The Closed Circle this morning - nearly as satisfying as its prequel, and definitely as much of a page-turner.

Cheered up by delivery of 4 new Hyperion CDs: Marc-Andre Hamelin's disc of Schumann piano works, and disc of piano concerti by Rubinstein & Scharwenka. Some little known violin concerti by Coleridge-Taylor & Somervell, and another fantastic disk of baroque music from Latin America: New World Symphonies.

I need to work out a plan for December-January: will spend some time in UK re-learning English and applying for a longstay French visa (which takes months!). Would like to spend more time in Edinburgh and also revisit Wales for more family tree research. Bondi will need to see vets for maintenance and to keep current with rabies shots. Posted by Picasa

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