Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Monte Igeldo

Today’s lessons were mostly about the verbs SER and ESTAR which both mean “to be”. In one lesson we used the context of a Spanish soap-opera “Betty is ugly” (trust me) to explore the different usages; and in my private lesson, I was reduced to a giggling fit playing 20 Questions and I Spy. Both are much easier than contemplating any more personal excavation of “to be”. Sigh.

After school, I headed for San Sebastian’s remaining “high point”: Monte Igeldo, standing taller than Monte Urgull on the western side of La Concha. Topped by an undistinguished hotel and amusement park, the views are really quite spectacular. We rode a funicular railcar up the hill: Bondi and I being the only passengers. At the top, with not more than a half dozen people floating past the closed thrill rides, I’m faced with the most terrifying prospect of all: no coffee is available anywhere up here this afternoon. Posted by Picasa

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