Thursday, November 03, 2005

The music goes 'round and 'round and it comes out here

I found an interesting link to my blog (August 3 entry) at, with a post that says:

....wonderful (blog coming on soon - achew!). Recently, I watched the BBC miniseries Cambridge Spies, which was quite soapy and over-cooked, but reminded me how much I loved the subject, so I hunted down the recent Anthony Blunt biography (first-rate and completely absorbing), and re-read Spycatcher (not nearly as good I remembered). Then, of course, there's the whole Valerie Plame Affair (and what an affair it would be!).
Here I am, today, unsuspectingly wandering in the blogosphere, when I happen upon this delightful entry at William Trelawney Notes :

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Lolling about in Cambridge
August 3: Wednesday Quiet day today. Spent some time trying to confirm details of a long stay visa for France or Spain. None of the email addresses for Spanish consulates in Australia work, and the London consulate will only see UK nationals. Appears to be a similar situation with
French consulate, and they state that minimum processing time for a visa after an interview is 2 months!! Returned to Cambridge for a quieter day without weekend tourists. Spent a good chunk of time absorbed in David Mitchell's wondrous book Cloud Atlas, while sitting by the river. Some bargemen on the other side quizzed me loudly about Bondi's details, but he zzzzzzed through most of it. A passing black swan had a hook piercing its beak with river weed hanging off it, and a three way conversation about how to extract it triangulated between a punt of tourists, an Australian puntsman on the shore, and myself. I suggested contacting the Queen since she owns them. Rounded out the day with a kilometre of swimming laps at a Cambridge gym.

The rest of William's blog entries - although fascinating, especially on the topic of dyslexia - are written in a completely different voice. Dear reader, my curiosity was aroused.I googled the post, and found "William's" was the second re-posting.The first re-posting was from Brianna Rowley Notes on September Tuesday, September 06, 2005. Her voice is eerily reminiscent of William's, and her blogging style similar. They both joined Blogger in August 2005. The content of both is equally as odd and fascinating as text:

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Wait

I am waiting for time to pass To help me cary on Get over the block in the road Time is too slow and I am only getting old Give me strenght to stand tall Even though everything else has fallen I need to be strong Soon things will come my way If they don't then the only thing I can say Is just to wait and let time pass agian

I believe I found the orignal post here, at "Mike and Bondi's" site, a man and his dog "rambling through Europe." The site's name? "

is a labyrinth of skyscrapers & multi-coloured towers connected by a fantastic network of tunnels, secret passages, water chutes, lifts & railways.It is so large that parts of it are unknown to its owner.

Dear reader, the water chutes in my mind came together, babbling with the three voices not unlike the nine voices of Cloud Atlas (actually,the structure of Cloud Atlas is nine voices twice, which is like the three voices here, only volumetric: 3x3x2 - got that?)

I believe I may have stumbled upon an elaborate spy ring that uses the blogosphere as a drop box and posts, lists, and pictures as code.


So, since I have been quoted and re-quoted Russian-doll fashion, it's only fitting that the labyrinth of tunnels and water shutes should pop out here again. Russian dolls as Klein Bottle?

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