Monday, November 21, 2005

Pasajes / San Pedro

20051119 - 1 San Pedro (1) 20051120 - 4 Pasajes (1)
San Sebastian has been warmly, handsomely, autumnal this weekend. On Saturday morning we drove to the nearby port of Pasajes (Pasaia), or more precisely the western side, known as San Pedro. Skirting the edge of the working port, we set down amongst a cluster of recreational fishers and old men engaged in some elaborate story telling. Across the water – only a few hundred metres, but a 20 minute drive around the port - dozens of Basque chalets line up, not pretty, but fiercely picturesque. Walking sea-ward, we come to a pleasant walkway, Paseo Punta Cruces, but the terrain of this narrow strait seems to transport me to another place (a windswept Aegean island?) and time (the 1950s, for some reason). I have a strange feeling, like I have only this day begun my travels.
20051120 - 4 Pasajes (3)  20051120 - 4 Pasajes (2)
20051120 - 4 Pasajes (7)  20051120 - 4 Pasajes (6)
In recent days I’ve had many old memories bubbling up, many more than usual, but all seem to be from the time I was between 4 and 8. Some are mainly sensory, a quality of light, colour combinations; others are flashes of events, which may or may not coalesce into a ‘definite’ memory. I suppose that is the time at which I was becoming conscious of the scope of the world, and I feel great longings for that time – but not to be that age again – more to be of the age, and understand what it was to be full of and engaged in that time. There’s a different quality to my subsequent memories, and feel like I’m building a bridge backwards in time, perhaps to find another path that would have continued from that era.
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