Thursday, November 10, 2005

San Sebastian

We're now more or less settled in San Sebastian, with a private apartment in the Amara area. No more home-cooked meals as with the Salamanca host family, but plenty of room to spread things out, and a "me"-sized bed. The apartment itself is in an undistinguished block, furnished a la Guernica with a violent clash of 70s-everything that the agent called "nicely decorated". It's also about as expensive as a much better equipped apartment in one of the central Parisian arondissements. San Sebastian / Pais Vasco is apparently one of the most expensive parts of Spain, and so many people live with their parents until they're 35 or so.

I have a 25 minute walk to school each morning, then a 90 minute grammar class. I'm mainly trying to wrap my head around usage of preterito indefinido and preterito imperfecto, plus trying to remember the actual verb forms for each. Then, there's a half-hour break to get coffee with class-mates at a local bar, before returning for our conversation class. Today we played charades, trying to guess the (Spanish) names of various famous films, which can be a little awkward when the translation is not literal e.g. Out of Africa becomes Memories of Africa.

Last night, Bondi & I had the opportunity to walk through more of the city. As it's getting darker sooner, we'll probably have to wait until the weekend for a proper look. Fortunately his leg has much improved with lare quantities of glucosamine/Chrondoitin supplements (seemingly unknown and unavailable in Spain). Unfortunately his skin condition is worsening/spreading, so I hope I can source medicated shampoo from somewhere soon.

Until then I may be at home watching the first 2 seasons of Newsradio on DVD, and pining for the remaining 3 seasons.

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