Tuesday, December 13, 2005

But all of it's going to burn...And your mind, your tiny mind

Slow departure from London this [Monday] morning, stopping to shuffle luggage in and out of storage, before getting onto the M1 around noon. It wasn't long before we spotted the plume of smoke from the oil depot fire in Hertfordshire, and indeed the depot's flames were visible from the motorway. From space:

We had our smoothest run up the M1/M6 ever, and so I phoned ahead to Bondi's vet to get him booked in for a late afternoon session of overdue medications. Posted by Picasa

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  1. It has given me great pleasure to reading about your travels...in the midst of chaos and mayhem in this household you are in, your blogging and talking to my bf online has brought a constant smile on my face. keep it up!!!
    You do know too much about england for a colonial, lol...spy!!!
    also, with regards to the problems you have been having with your pc...hmm, get an apple!!! the way forward!!! just thinking about your simcards internationally, might be worth checking in carphone warehouse, they have a simcard thats good for international roaming...well it was there last time i checked carphone warehouse. for the next cd in your car, i recommend cafe de flore...a french jazz compilation...its one of my fave!


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