Thursday, December 15, 2005

A day's humdrummery

I'm using my time in Wigan to reconsolidate and have MOTs on everything: Bondi's done, the car's done (but ouch on the price!), and I had my first eye-test in 5yrs to get some new distance spectacles. I ordered a new Tablet PC convertible as well, which will not only get me around the decay of the current hardware, but reduce the amount of USB appendages I'm dragging around. Anything to reduce luggage!

A letter arrived from France, confirming my enrolment at a Parisian language school. I was thus able to send a letter onto the French Consulate in London to ask for an appointment for a long-stay visa. If I can get that sorted, it means I can plan further jaunts into the continent with greater confidence. I'm earmarking time in August for the 20th anniversary of the Rarities of Piano Music festival - held each year in Husum, Schleswig-Holstein. I can imagine passing through there either on my way to or from Scandinavia.

I slipped into Manchester this afternoon for a haircut - the first since my #1 cut in September - so I'm looking a little less wild and woolly. Sadly, my fave cafe there Love Saves the Day seems to have closed down, so I'll have to look to more obscure places for a decent coffee in the north of England.

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