Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Midnight in La Rochelle

On Sunday evening I scurried off to see a V.O. screening of Harry Pot-au-Feu and was very pleased to see the continuing improvement in the quality of the series, although the story still seems very rushed. I liked the combination of magic settings and teenagers being teenagers, wizards or not. The arrival of the competing teams for the Tri-Wizard cup was splendidly executed.

In other film news, it seems that Snow Dog fever will get a new round in the new year, with Disney's new Antarctic entry in the film de glace genre: Eight Below (F not C), loosely based on the 1957 Japanese Antarctic Expedition, which served as the basis for the blockbuster Japanese film, Antarctica* ("Nankyoku Monogatari", 1983) which I have in a lovely boxed DVD set. Let me re-state that: like many other current Hollywood projects it's based firmly on the huge Japanese box-office office receipts . Regardless, anyone with a pet husky, malamute or paulwalker will be getting even more attention.

*NB it's not the same film as the IMAX Antarctica, although both have superb scores. Posted by Picasa

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