Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mont Saint Michel

Drizzle all Thursday made sight-seeing along our route unattractive, so I drove directly from Tours to Mont St Michel, stopping only for a quick lunch and coffee. Well not exactly coffee - that seems to have turned to bitter mud since I crossed over from Spain. The road-side cafeteria run by hypermarketer Carrefour had an Italian-style coffee-counter, serving up an expensive Grand Creme, that was really a Gigantic Crime.

My mood wasn't improved at MSM. It looks great at a distance, a medieval Emerald City cast adrift off the coast of Normandy ... but really a very grey place dominated by Lourdes-style souvenir shops and pizzerias. There's a long spit-road from nearby (drab, cheap hotel-dominated) Beauvoir, so that you are above the reach of tides licking the flat marshland for miles around the rock. I read somewhere that it is now only surrounded by water about twice a month. Not much else is on in the immediate area, apart from a Reptilarium where they raise staff to run ticket gates at MSM.

I returned briefly to the spit the next morning to get some better pictures as the wind was blowing so hard on Thursday that I couldn't hold the camera steady. Posted by Picasa

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