Friday, December 23, 2005

The seal on my fridge has worn out

Checked into hotel near Canary Wharf, in London's Docklands. Went out for a drinks evening in Clapham, followed by more of same at the Casbar. I think I must have had more grog than any time I can remember in about 8 years. Towards midnight I left to get train back to the hotel, but missed my station and then discovered sometime after 1am that there were no more trains back to Canary Wharf. A fellow passenger had a similar problem, so - with no taxis available - we walked from Canning Town along an overpass looking towards the lights of the Dockland office towers. I dropped her off near her hotel and then promptly got lost in the maze of overpasses, underpasses, bridges and waterways. Dropping into a police station yielded directions that got me even more lost. Ditto with security guards and then the porter at the Marriott gave me a map and set me on the correct road. After an hour of wandering the local roads, I got back to hotel room (and a sleeping Bondi) around 2.30am Posted by Picasa

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