Saturday, January 14, 2006

Aladdin the Panto - direct from Hollywigan

Another night out at the theatre with Chris, Andrew & Garry: the Old Vic's production of Aladdin, starring Sir Ian 'Serena' McKellen as The Widow Twanky, the traditional pantomime mother of Aladdin. An absolute gem of a night, with particular highlights being the Widow's many costume changes (including an Abba-esque blonde wig and white pantsuit, and the above final cabaret number I've Done It All), Roger Allam's splendidly bored evil Abbanazar and the audience singalong of faux Chinese (this Aladdin is set in the Wigan end of Peking) song Prrr Piao Prrr Piao with lyrics supplied in Chinese ideographs. The Emperor kept referring to Sir Ian, as "Sir Derek Jacobi on his annual drag binge".

After a frustrating week of not hearing back from the Lodgis apartment service in Paris about some options for my upcoming stay, Chris found an alternate apartment in the heart of Les Halles area next to St Eustache church that seems to have almost everything I could wish for, and quite affordable. 3 weeks to go!Posted by Picasa

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