Monday, January 30, 2006

Beside the seaside

The sun was out, but it was a long chilly walk along the shore towards central Brighton.

Fortunately the capuccinos at Louis Beach Cafe were up to scratch, although the cod & chips from further down the esplanade were sadly lacking in flavour. Bondi wasn't welcome on the new Brighton Pier, so Chris entertained him for a few minutes while I did a quick circuit. There was really nothing distinctive about the dis/attractions, even with what appeared to be a gigantic party Dalek standing over the amusements at the far end, silently commanding that the wind-chilled visitors Cel-e-brate! or Per-am-bu-late!

We skipped the Brighton Sea Life show (Aquarium) which seemed really overpriced, and circled through the street markets in town. After dropping Bondi off for the evening, we had a really great Italian meal at Casalingo, a small family-run restaurant with a short but thoughtful wine list. Posted by Picasa

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