Friday, January 27, 2006

Scotland to Victoria

I took another bead at my Scottish ancestors last night. There were a couple of lines (KERR and WOOD) that made their way to Victoria, Australia sometime around the 1850s. There is increasing evidence that many of triple-great grandmother Alison Wood's family accompanied her down under:
* sister Elizabeth seems to have headed to Williamstown (like Alison)
* sister Isabella married a David CROAL of Cambridgeshire, and settled in Warnambool (discovered last night) - from which some considerable lineage seems to have issued.

I haven't found anything about brothers John and James, but after looking through Victorian BDM records, I just landed on the death record of their mother Elizabeth (nee HENDERSON), which is full of delicious detail. I'd assumed she and husband John WOOD had continued on in Scotland, but she died in Williamstown in 1870 after 18 years in the colonies and 17 years of chronic bronchitis.

I now have her approx birth and marriage years, place of birth (Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, near the Scottish border), parents' names and the names+ages of all living children. An additional child was discovered in that list, and birth date found from other sources. Elizabeth seems to have had 6 surviving children, plus one (Mathewson) who may not have lasted long.

No more detail yet about father John WOOD, who passed away sometime between the birth of their last child in 1842 and the death of his widow in 1870. Victorian BDM records do not show any records of his passing - nor strangely enough the birth of any his grandchildren via daughter Isabella.

Now that I have 1852 as a target year for the emigration, I can try some marine records.

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